5 Benefits Of Automating Online Campaign Management

What are the differences between automatic and manual campaign management? Manual campaign management is no longer possible in many cases for a number of reasons, including scale, time and human resources, as well as the results achieved (especially in efficiency campaigns).

Companies that use programmatic buying report a larger increase in revenue even in the first two months of implementation. What are the better results of automated campaigns?

  1. Saving time – automation tools choose bids for you, you don’t have to sit and click yourself
  2. Continuation regardless of the circumstances – they also buy tools when you are asleep or on vacation
  3. Better results – the tools allow for higher return rates, get more conversions in the same budget
  4. active effectiveness testing – the decision on the selection of the rate is made based on the current result, which is impossible for a human being in such a short time, and significantly affects the effectiveness of the campaign
  5. Comprehensiveness of the tool – often purchase automation solutions in programmatic buying are combined with campaign management tools, thanks to which we can combine analytical knowledge with other tools and apply it in the campaign.

Until 2019, the prospects for the RTB market and advertising expenditure in this model are very good, which will probably also be reflected on the global market.